Instantly Increase the Value of your Asset

Advantage Waste Consulting is a waste & recycling cost reduction company.   Our services usually reduce waste collection costs by 20%-50% annually.

Every investor dreams of increasing cash flow without spending or risking any money.  Applying our services to a recently acquired property increases its cash flow & instantly increases the value of the asset.

All this without risk or cost to the investor because the total of future trash billings AND our first year sharing fee – will always be less than the trash bill prior to our involvement.

The types of properties that can be assessed by Advantage Waste Consulting are vast and include:

Multi-Family and Apartments: Garden style, Mid-Rise, High-Rise, third-party managed or owner managed, condominium properties.

Commercial Investment Properties: Office Buildings, Industrial & Retail Buildings, Grocery Stores, Business & Industrial Parks, Shopping Malls & Strip Malls.

Properties Managed By: Housing Authorities, Housing Associations, Condo Associations, and HOAs.