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Free Analysis!

At Advantage Waste Consulting – Our Focused Analysis is Your Cash Flow Advantage!

The success rate of our laser-focused analysis is unparalleled in the industry.  We have uncovered more in billing errors than all other waste consulting companies combined and have uncovered billing errors from properties which had previously been audited internally or by 3rd-party billing service providers.  We then modify the in-place service with a design emphasizing more strategic use of city or Utility Commission rate matrix as applied to the physical attributes and the capacity needs of each specific property.   This induces permanent cost reductions while increasing recycling and not compromising capacity needs.

Hidden Savings – No Risk

Advantage Waste Audits are a risk-free service.  For your portfolio of properties, a Cursory Waste Analysis is executed free of any fee or obligation.   The resulting billing error and savings report is a great strategic tool for determining where harvesting of hidden assets will be most productive.


Increased Property Value

Instantly Increase the value of your Asset!   Every investor dreams of increasing cash flow without spending or risking any money.  Applying our services to a recently acquired property increases its cash flow and instantly increases the value of the asset – at no risk or cost to the investor.


Housing Authorities

This is Our Specialty.  Advantage Waste Consulting maintains familiarity with Housing Authority Administrative Code exemptions. This allows us to apply an extra layer of laser-sharp detail in waste audits for Housing Authorities – routinely finding significant billing errors per property.


Our Successes

Founded by a former Electrical Engineer that later owned and operated a trash collection company, Advantage Waste Consulting uses a very accurate methodology for extracting hidden cash flow.  Our success has resulted in uncovering over $1,000,000 in billing errors.